Kicking off Day 2 of Dashboard Week, we were presented with a dataset focusing on GPUs and CPUs. Having some familiarity with computer hardware, I found today’s challenge somewhat less daunting than the previous day’s task. The day began with us presenting our work from Day 1, followed by writing a blog about that dashboard. Although this consumed a significant portion of the morning, I wasn’t overly concerned, given the constraints of the dataset we were working with.

Our assignment was to “Build a dashboard visualising the improvements made over time for various manufacturers and see if you can make a good recommendation for some CPUs I should consider for my next media server build 😉.” Unfortunately, the dataset lacked the necessary information to select an appropriate CPU for a media server build. Consequently, I decided to take some creative liberties and slightly alter the scope of my dashboard.

Rather than focusing solely on hardware recommendations, I chose to explore Moore’s Law. My new objective was to create a dashboard that educates people about Moore’s Law, along with highlighting potential challenges it may face in the future. As this wasn’t an extensive project, I managed to approach the day at a relaxed pace and finished relatively on time. Sorry about the empty area at the bottom ill fix that once i get the time.

Samuel Goodman
Author: Samuel Goodman