Finally, Dashboard week is over now. Dashboard week was all about fun, time management, and trying new things to support data analysis. During this week I have tried different fancy chart types. Which are not normally considered as good practice. But I always wanted to try something new. This dashboard week provided me with this opportunity. Thanks to our mentor as well for providing us with some good datasets to play around.

For final day we got the dataset at 9:00 AM.We need to prepare data and present our analysis and dashboard at 3:00 PM.  Dataset was about services call made at 311 for the city of Boston. Data was for previous 10 years and each year was in separate csv file. First task was to union data, for this I have used Alteryx wildcard to import all the data form all ten sheets. Data itself was clean it required little bit of tuning, so I decided to this in Tableau. So after combing all the data I exported into the Tableau as hyper file.

In tableau I have changed the each department code to the department name by using IF ELSE formula. Afterwards I have used the LOD calculations to calculate different KPIs like ticket resolution time, average time taken by each department to resolve the request and tickets that got overdue and resolved after the due date. After that I started creating my visualisation for my dashboard. I formulated my three business questions that I wanted to answer. Final look and link to dashboard is below

Key Take-aways:

Time box yourself, Its all about time management.Don’t over complicate the things, it will just increase your stress level. Think of your story ahead and prepare data accordingly. Be creative with your dashboard and do practice your presentation.

Saqib Saeed
Author: Saqib Saeed