Finally, the much-awaited dashboard week started today. During this week we will get data in the morning. We need to prepare data to build a dashboard and present it in next morning. For the first day, we are challenged with a task to download data from an API ( This API contains the data of the famous series “Game of Thrones”. API has three Endpoints characters, books, and houses. For my analysis, I need to download data for all of the endpoints.

The first challenge was how to download all data from API. For this, I needed to go through the API documentation. Afterward, I have used Alteryx to download and prepare data for the visualization. My workflow for the Alteyx is shown below:

After that, I need to study a bit more about the series and the characters in each series. I’d never watched this series and it was challenging for me to understand the data. For that, I referred my friend Google. It took more than half a day to prepare and understand the data. The next step involved importing data to the tableau for visualization. To enrich my analysis I used external data to supplement my visualizations. I managed to find data that contains the ratings of each season from the famous rating website “Rotten tomatoes”. After that, I started building my dashboard. This time I have used my favorite chart ” Dendrogram” to show the number of the character cast in each series. 

It was great fun to analyze famous series. I also got the opportunity to learn how to understand unfamiliar data quickly. It was fun!

Saqib Saeed
Author: Saqib Saeed