Today is the second day of Dashboard Week. In the morning we presented our dashboards for the dataset which we got yesterday. Around 10:00 am we got the new dataset for today’s challenge. Dataset was quite interesting, it contains data about the YouTube trending videos from 11 countries. Here is a link to the dataset:

Data was clean but it was in 11 separate sheets. In order to combine data from all sheets, I have used the Alteryx with a wildcard match to import all sheets. The next challenge was to get the category name against each category id. For this, I have supplemented my data with the dataset that contains the category name of each category id. Afterwards I have used the Regex match to Parse the date and time fields. Below is the workflow for my data preparation. Lastly, I have exported my data as a hyper file to the tableau for the visualisation.

I was thinking to do analysis on most disliked videos across different countries. For that I created multiple calculated fields to see dislikes to views ratio and likes to dislikes ratio for different countries,categories and videos.

I have also embedded video object in my Dashboard to see most disliked videos. After that I did the formatting of my dashboard and added some custom images to make it presentable. Link to my dashboard is given below.

Saqib Saeed
Author: Saqib Saeed