Yes, It is possible to show and hide charts in the dashboard while filtering on dimension. This method not only enables users to show a chart when it is required but also helps in the efficient use of Dashboard space. How to do that?

Well, it is simple to build in THREE steps.

1- Bring horizontal/vertical objects to the Dashboard. Place your charts in the same container. Charts must be in the same container for this method to work. You can verify this by seeing the Dashboard layout under the Item hierarchy.  Afterward, hide the title from the chart.


2- Enable the filter on the main chart. Go to the dashboard actions and add a new action as a filter. Select source and target sheets and configure them to “Exclude all values” while clearing the selection. Click Ok to set this action. Now desired result is achieved. The chart can be shown and hidden while filtering on the main chart.

3- Final step is to label the chart. Go to the filtered chart which is “population” in this case and place a dimension on to the column and do formatting.


All done!


Saqib Saeed
Author: Saqib Saeed