Yes! It is possible to add a custom color palette of your choice in Tableau. In this blog, I will show step by step how to do that.

First of all search for ‘My Tableau Repository” and open it. You will find a file with the name ‘Preferences’ in the repository folder. Right-click on that file and open it with a Notepad.  It will open a file with XML code with pre-existing color palettes already in it.

Secondly, decide your color palate it might be from the picture of your choice. Go to this link and upload a picture to generate a color palette and its XML code. Giver your Platte a name, you can also change a number of colors according to your choice. For this instance, I have selected 5 colors for my Palette. Copy the XML code from ‘Tableau Color Palette’ option.

Lastly, go to the XML code file which I have opened in the first step and paste this code just underneath the < preferences> and save this file by pressing Ctrl+S.

Close your tableau and restart it. Now you can see the new color palette under the ‘Select Color Palette’ option.

It’s such a nice option to have when you require color compliance on any of your projects.

Saqib Saeed
Author: Saqib Saeed