What is Proportional Brushing?

The concept of proportional brushing involves interacting with data by viewing the proportion of your selection in relation to all or other items rather than filtering from a selection. Using Tableau’s Set Actions feature, you can conduct this type of analysis.

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to build proportional brushing from scratch. I will be using the famous “superstore” data set for this.

1- Drag states into the details. Create parameter ‘ Choose a measure’ for profit and sales. Afterward, create a calculated field to interact with the parameter and drag this calculated field to the color marks. Create a set by right-clicking on the states and selecting random states. Drag state set to the details. Name this sheet as “sales and profit by states’.

2- Create a second sheet to display the names of states in the Dashboard. Drag state set to text and right-click and select show members of the set and do formatting. Rename this sheet as “states name”

3-Create another parameter ‘Choose a measure’ and create a calculated field to interact with this parameter by using a case statement. Drag ‘choose measure’ calculated field into columns and ‘choose dimension’ into rows. Drag ‘state set’ into the color marks and change measures into the table calculations as a percentage of the total. Name this sheet as a dimension bar chart.

4-Create a Dashboard and drag all sheets into the dashboard canvas. Go to the dashboard actions >add  action> ‘Change Set Values’. Select ‘Sales and profit by state’ in the source sheet and ‘state set’ in the Target set. Select ‘add values to set’ in ‘running the action will’ section and ‘remove all values from set’ in ‘clearing the selection will section’ and click ok.




All done!

Saqib Saeed
Author: Saqib Saeed