Completing my first week at The Data School, I have come out reassured and excited to learn more! That is to say that everyone’s enthusiasm for data has made the transition to my new role easy and fun. Now, as a Data School Consultant (currently in training), I am excited to continue my data journey.


What is the Data School?

In short, The Data School provides the opportunity to learn data analytics from some of the best in the industry. For instance, I will be learning and become certified in both Alteryx and Tableau in the first 16 weeks. Proceeding the 16 weeks of training, consultants will then complete a number of placements over 24 months with various clients across Australia. For more information, please visit The Data School website.


What is it like to work for The Data School?

One week in and I have felt welcomed to the team along with my fellow cohort. I have met several members of The Data School team and they have all been friendly, energetic, passionate and supportive. One aspect that stood out to me from the first day is that The Data School has several support channels and people that we can reach out to throughout our entire journey.

In the first week, my cohort and I explored the data program Alteryx Designer. Throughout the week, we learnt how to easily access, manipulate, analyse and output data using Alteryx.  During our lessons, one area that caught my interest was the spatial data (relative geographic information) tools. For example, we could use Alteryx to calculate the distance between two points using longitude and latitude. In addition to this we can make these calculations between thousands of points quickly and with ease. To conclude our first week, we were tasked with presenting. As part of the presentation, we were tasked with incorporating an additional data source from our visualisations used in our applications to The Data School.

Over the next 15 weeks, the plan is to expand on what we have already learnt and to branch into other tools that can enhance data – I plan to write future blog posts surrounding these topics.


What can I bring to The Data School?

I can bring energy, passion and lateral thinking.

    • Energy – I have always been an energetic worker who has an upbeat attitude and the ability to keep busy. In addition, this energy has also been beneficial in developing and cultivating strong relationships with colleagues and clients.
    • Passion – Work has always been more than a to-do list for me and being able to immerse myself in my work has allowed me to produce quality outcomes.
    • Lateral thinking – Using lateral thinking to solve problems, I believe my way of thinking can help me explore data to find those all important insights.


 What do I hope to achieve at The Data School?

During my time at The Data School, I aim to:

    • Become certified in Alteryx and Tableau,
    • Further develop my soft skills,
    • Establish quality and lasting industry connections, and
    • Explore and work with a broad range of data.


Hopefully you have enjoyed reading my first blog from my first week at The Data School Down Under. If you would like to follow my progress and future blog posts, be sure to follow me on LinkedIn. In addition to following me, if you have any ideas for future blog posts, please email me your suggestions.


Scott Johnston
Author: Scott Johnston