As the first day of Dashboard Week kicked off, we were tasked with using the Ticketmaster API in Alteryx to retrieve all upcoming events as per our preferences. This involved utilizing pagination to ensure that we captured all events, as the API only returns a limited number of events per request. This was a challenge, but one that we were excited to tackle.


Data Preparation

After connecting to the API, I used the download tool in Alteryx to retrieve the data. I then used a Generate row tool and a Formula tool to paginate the data and ensure that I captured all upcoming events for Australia. This was the biggest challenge which took away most of my time.

As I worked on the project, I faced a few challenges. One of the main challenges was understanding the structure of the API response and mapping it to the fields that we wanted to analyze as it had many unwanted fields per event. We also had to deal with missing values and data inconsistencies, which required us to clean and transform the data before we could use it in our visualization.


Once I had the data, I moved to Tableau to create our visualization. I started with a basic bar chart that showed the number of events by event genre. This helped me to identify the most popular genres for upcoming events in Australia.

I then added a map to the dashboard to show the geographic distribution of the events. This helped us to see which cities had the most events. I also added the buffer to see the proximity of the events to the downtown.

As I continued to work on the dashboard, I added more charts and visualizations to provide additional insights.


Overall, the first day of Dashboard Week was a great learning experience. I learned how to use the Ticketmaster API in Alteryx to retrieve data and how to deal with pagination and missing values. I also learned how to create effective visualizations in Tableau to gain insights into the data. I’m looking forward to continuing to build on our skills and tackle new challenges throughout the week.

Seema Keswani
Author: Seema Keswani