Today was Dashboard Week Day 3. We were given a task to scrape any data from, complement it with other data sources and build an interactive dashboard using Tableau. I decided to scrape data for Mobile Trends in India. I also included data from Kaggle and the Income Groups of India to add more context to the dashboard.

Mobile technology has rapidly evolved, especially in India, where it has become an essential part of people’s daily lives. Mobile phones have become an affordable and convenient means of communication, entertainment, and even e-commerce transactions. Therefore, it’s important to understand the mobile trends in India to make informed decisions for marketing, product development, and innovation.


I started with the Income Groups of India. This data helped me understand the buying power of people in India and how it correlates with mobile phone trends. By analyzing this data, I created an average price of brands chart that displays the average price of mobile phones for different income groups. This chart allows for a better understanding of which brands are affordable to which income group.

I created a line chart to displays the mobile trends in India over time. The line chart shows how the number of mobile phone releases has increased over the years, which brands dominate the market, and how the average price of mobile phones has changed.

Next, I complemented this with a bump chart that displays the top 10 mobile phones in India based on their market share. The bump chart allows for easy comparison between mobile phones and highlights the growth of specific brands and models over time.

Lastly, I created a scatter plot that displays the relationship between price and storage for mobile phones. This scatter plot allows for easy comparison of mobile phones and helps in understanding which models offer better value for money.


In conclusion, creating a dashboard for Mobile Trends in India has been an exciting and challenging experience. The dashboard allows for easy analysis of mobile phone trends, which can help businesses make informed decisions for marketing, product development, and innovation. By combining data from different sources, we can gain a deeper understanding of the mobile phone market in India and how it’s evolving.

Seema Keswani
Author: Seema Keswani