As a data school trainee, we are constantly exposed to new tools and techniques that can help us to develop our skills in data analytics. One such tool that we recently explored was Mockaroo. For those who are unfamiliar, Mockaroo is a platform that allows users to create mock data sets for testing and development purposes. It is a useful tool for anyone working with data and looking to create realistic test data quickly and easily.

Our last project in the data school training was to create our own data on Mockaroo based on an industry or get creative. We had a choice between the two options, and my cohort and I decided to get creative. It was an exciting challenge, but it also came with a lot of pressure, as we knew that we would have to present our work in front of everyone, including all the coaches and Andy Kriebel.

As we brainstormed ideas, we came up with some fun and interesting concepts. One trainee created data on hair loss during training, another on mosquito bites, and one on sleep loss during training. I decided to take a different approach and create data on snack consumption trends in the office. I wanted to create a story around this data to make it more engaging and interactive for the audience.

To bring my idea to life, I began by creating a sample dataset on Mockaroo that included information on the types of snacks consumed in the office, the frequency of consumption, and the most popular times for snacking. I then created an interactive dashboard on Tableau that visualized this data in a fun and engaging way, using graphs and charts to show the trends and patterns. To make my presentation more entertaining, I added a humorous story about the snack habits of my peers.

When it came time to present, I was nervous but also excited to share my work with everyone. I was relieved to see that my presentation was well-received, and I received some great feedback from all the coaches. It was a fantastic experience that taught me the importance of creativity, humor, and storytelling in data visualization.

Overall, it was a fantastic learning opportunity that challenged us to think outside the box and create engaging and informative data sets. After our presentation, we finally enjoyed the highly anticipated and fun filled graduation party.

Seema Keswani
Author: Seema Keswani