Data preparation is an essential process prior to visualisation and analysis. One of the common problems in data preparation is filling up missing values in the dataset. Alteryx has a simple tool to fill up null values in rows of data with the previous values. To illustrate this, we can use the Multi-Row Formula tool on a dataset with years of sales and profit missing in some rows..

2.        The steps are as follows:
           2.1   Connect the Multi-Row Formula to the dataset. In the configuration of the Multi-Row Formula, select ‘Update Existing Field’. The ‘Num Rows’  = 1. Unselect any ‘Group By’ fields for now.







             2.3 Enter the expression into the configuration box manually: Essentially, we want to fill up the missing values in current row with the year of the previous row (Row-1:Year], using IF…ELSE statement.
IF [Year]  = Null()
THEN [Row -1: Year]
ELSE [Year]


             2.4 Run the workflow and the final results will display all the years filled up.

There you go folks. As shown in the steps, it is easy to fill up missing values in a column. Do keep a look out for more blog in the coming weeks.
Shaida Shamuri
Author: Shaida Shamuri