In Tableau, parameters are used to create dynamic and interactive visuals. Parameters allow users to control the behaviour of a dashboard or worksheet by changing the values of certain variables. I find this very helpful for client projects when there are usually many metrics to display.
2.     Using the Samplestore dataset, below are the steps to create parameter filters to allow users to select Profit, Sales or Quantity dimensions.
a.      To create a parameter, name the parameter as “Choose your measure”. Select the Data Type as ‘string’. Enter all the values in the list. In this example, the list includes ‘Profit’, ‘Sale’ and ‘Quantity’.

b.      A calculated field has to be created for a parameter filter to work. In the calculated field, input the expressions as follows. The expression ‘CASE’ finds the first value that matches the expression and returns the corresponding value.

c. Once the calculated field is created, display the filter into the side panel. The parameter will filter the line chart to the respective measure as desired.

There you go folks. We have created a simple parameter to filter to multiple metrics on the same dashboard. Thanks for reading. Do keep a look out for more blogs in the next coming weeks.
Shaida Shamuri
Author: Shaida Shamuri