Creating sets in Tableau can be very useful to compare subsets of data, such as top profitable customers compared to lesser profitable customers. In this blog, I used the monthly sales of gummies dataset to create a set of the top 3 gummy types by sales. These are the steps to create set actions in Tableau:
To create a set and set actions
1. In the Data pane, select the field (e.g. Type of Gummies) that a set would be created for.
2. Right-click on the field and select Create Set.

3.  In the Create Set dialog box, give the set a name. In this example, I am creating the top 3 gummy types by sales.
4. Click OK to create the set.

5. In another worksheet, create a pie-chart to show the proportion of the top 3 gummies sold.
6. Next, to create a set action on the dashboards, in the toolbar, click on the “Dashboard” menu and select “Actions”.
7. Select “Change Set Values” as the action type.
8. Choose the target set as follows (see screenshot). Click OK to create the set action.

9. Press ctrl key and select the top 3 sales on the chart (left). There you go folks – a set action has been created. The pie-chart will filter the top 3 gummies sold.

Thanks for reading. Do keep a look out for more blogs in the next coming weeks.
Shaida Shamuri
Author: Shaida Shamuri