One of the main challenges of preparing a good dashboard is maintaining minimalism while delivering the required information. This needs to be sometimes achieved by making details available on demand. The following tutorial in brief shows how to achieve this with set actions and drilling down on a bar graph.

Step 1: Creating a set

Create a set of values that you wish to be populated upon a certain action.
This can be done by right clicking on the required Dimension. Go to ‘Create’ and then choose ‘Set’ from the option. In this case I want to
create a set of ‘Countries’.

Step 2: Populating the set

Create a calculated field that populates the created sets. Because sets are dynamic, they can be controlled by actions. In the below example,
[Country Set] is the set and I want to populate with values from the dimension ‘Medium’. This is seen as [Medium] below. I’ve named the field as
‘Detonation Medium’.

Step 3: Action to populate the sets.

To assign values to sets based on actions, from the ‘Worksheet’ tab, select ‘Actions’. Then click on ‘Add Action’ and choose ‘Change Set Values’. Give your action a name in this case ‘Change_Country_Medium’. Select Source Sheet – ‘Bar Drilldown’ in this case. Choose it to run action on ‘Select. In the Target Set, choose the created set – County Set in this case.

Lastly, choose what happens when a value of the Country Set is selected. I’ve chosen to ‘Assign values to set’ and clicking elsewhere will ‘Remove all values from set’. Click ‘OK’

Add the required fields in your view to see it work. The images below show the default view and the view when a value from the Country Set is
selected – ‘USA’ in this case.

So there you have it. A 3 step tutorial on how you can use set actions to drill down on selected values in a bar chart.

Shashanka Rao
Author: Shashanka Rao