Getting images as axes values in bar graphs

This is a tiny tutorial teaching how to add images under bar graphs.

Step 1: Add the respective measures as rows and columns. In this case I’ve used the dimension as Columns and measure as Rows.

Step 2: Add a new measure ‘sum(0)’ as a new row item. At this point you must have something that looks like below.

Step 3: Store the images you wish to add to Tableau in the Documents folder. You can find the Document folder
C:\Users\*****YourName*********\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shapes

Step 4: On Tableau, in the Marks card for ‘sum(0)’, set it as Shape type. Double click on Shape in the Marks Card.

Step 5: Click on the Reload Shapes button to ensure the newly added images show up here on Tableau.

Step 6: Under ‘Select Shape Palette’ select ‘Custom’. Then, assign the required shapes from Custom Palette to your Dimension values. It should look like in the below image

Step 7: Hide all the headers and adjust the image sizes on the ‘sum 0’ Marks Card to your requirement.

Here’s a link to the dashboard with this example.

So there it was, a small tutorial on how to add images to bar graphs as axes.

Shashanka Rao
Author: Shashanka Rao