As a part of the second day of my Dashboard Week at the DSDU, our cohort was given a really interesting dataset. This data comprised of trending YouTube videos along with a few associated parameters. This included, total views, comments, likes, dislikes, links to the videos and the channel with their IDs from a set of 11 countries. Video categories were provided in a set of JSON files, one per country.

Before preparing dashboard on tableau, there was a bit of tweaking that needed to be done on Alteryx. For this multiple data files in CSV format and the associated JSON files were imported into Alteryx through ‘wildcard’ importing. Once imported, a fair bit of data exploration was carried out in Alteryx before being exported as a Tableau hyperfile.


Once in Tableau, I decided to look into how the videos are responded by the countries across multiple categories. The dashboard further lets one drill down into KPI stats for the selected channel. For my analysis I’ve chosen to go with 6 countries. 3 from the developing and 3 from the developed economy. What really interested me is an article I’d come across online on how developing countries are marching towards getting more tech savvy. Below is a snapshot of what my published dashboard looks like.



Shashanka Rao
Author: Shashanka Rao