Today is day one of Dashboard week. We were given a set of NSW Transport API and asked to create an Insight Dashboard from it. Since I have used a car park API from TfNSW API for my earlier session, I wanted to explore further and combine it with other API data set to arrive at deeper Insights. After fiddling with many, I narrowed it down to Live Traffic API, particularly the roadworks.

Background :
I was noticing a sudden rise in infrastructure developments, especially around Roadworks near my place. Whilst, I thought the COVID crisis might have slowed down many developmental projects in NSW, I was interested to know which other Councils/Districts witnessed this increase in road works recently. With the elections approaching, I was naturally curious to see any pattern to these developmental projects.

Approach :
I used the Live Traffic data set to obtain the list of Roadworks happening in NSW and represented them on a map based on NSW state electoral Spatial features. Also, I used the election results to identify the ruling parties of these electoral districts. Combining both, it provides an understanding of the area with high roadworks and the parties ruling them.

This insight is based on the current roadworks. To develop a detailed insight on preferential funding, we need to analyse the historical data.

Challenge :

  • For a one day project, cleansing 2 data sets was a bit overwhelming.
  • Assuming an insight before working with API datasets can be disappointing. I had to discard my initial trials due to this.
Shiva Ravi
Author: Shiva Ravi

Shiva, a graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, had an exciting Oil Industry career for over a decade exploring ocean bed through marine seismology. Being an Instrumentation specialist in International waters, he found his passion for data visualization while working with binary seismic data. Recently, in a short stint as a Technical Asset Manager, he discovered Tableau to manage the ridiculously diverse scientific equipment in the Global marine warehouse. He refers to inventory planning as finding a needle in the haystack, and Data analytics is like having a wand in hand. In a quest for learning, Shiva found Data school, which paved the way for the most-awaited career switch as Data Analyst. He is currently pursuing Masters of AI (Part-time) from Western Sydney University, and in his spare time, you can spot him cycling, running or designing logos. Recently, he tried his hand in cooking and took an interest in exploring cuisines. If there is something he cannot live without, that would be coffee!