It was day 3 of dashboard week and even DS Down Under couldn’t escape the Cricket World Cup fever! Yes, our challenge was to design a dashboard on cricket. I have been a massive of fan of cricket (although don’t can’t find time now to watch the game) and it felt good that I’d be working on a data set which I understood well. And I say this because in one of our client projects we were working on a game I knew nothing about! And I spent most of my first day on google researching about it.


But this week was different. After going through the data set that we were provided I knew what I was going to do. I wanted to build a player profile  dashboard where one could find information/stats for their favourite player. I have never built a dashboard with just text and no charts and this dashboard was following that path. I wasn’t really sure how it would look, but I decided to go ahead with it.


I started pulling data into alteryx and had to join three files to get the data that I needed to build my dashboard. The data also contained a url for each players’ photo. Using alteryx I downloaded all the photos to my computer and then saved them in my tableau repository to use them as custom shapes for each player.



With this task, I found myself jumping back and forth between tableau and alteryx. More than halfway through, I realized that data blending in tableau is not the best choice for combining data when you have one to many relationships. And that meant back to alteryx again. It was a great exercise trying to get the data into right shape.

After all the effort, this is what my dashboard looks like.


I plan on updating this dashboard in some time and I will share the updated link in the blog.




Shuchita Sharma
Author: Shuchita Sharma