For day 4 of dashboard week, we were asked to choose a data set from Gapminder website to build our dashboard. I have previously never used this website, but it is a great source for data at a country level.

I always wanted to build a visualization on a topic related to health, so I chose data on cancer. The dataset had share of population with cancer for each country along with its GDP and total population. I enriched the data from our world in data from where I got actual numbers for the cancer.

The challenge was we couldn’t use Alteryx to prep our data. Tableau prep was our tool for the day and it was majorly used to pivot the numerous year columns into one.



I started by looking at top ten countries in terms of number of people with cancer and was surprised to see that United States surpassed China in-spite of China being the most populated country in the world. I’ve also tried to look at a correlation between avg. share of population with cancer and gdp per capita.


With this dashboard, I also wanted to try building a new chart that I haven’t before. I ended up making a radial bar chart to show the top cancers worldwide.


The most prevalent type of cancer worldwide is breast cancer and it also represents 25% of all cancers in the world. There are no sure ways to reduce its risk however mortality can be reduced if cases are detected and treated early.



View the interactive version of my dashboard on Tableau public here


Shuchita Sharma
Author: Shuchita Sharma