Today we had to focus on the use of an API to get our data. This was the infamous PunkApi which has a large amount of information on Brew Dog craft beer including colour, bitterness, alcohol percentage and Ingredients. This was to be taken and to be made into a dashboard for public viewership taking into account how to get the data and what to supplement it with. For this day’s challenge, I didn’t add additional data for the day because the data was very specialised for the task and further investigation into the meaning of a lot of the acronyms it provided a wealth of data for me to investigate.

The Alteryx Workflow started with taking the API into a text tool and downloading and parsing out the information from the API. I then diverted the workflow into three different flows to get multiple outputs to normalize the data so that I didn’t duplicate the data when bringing it into tableau. These were the charts of Food Pairing, Ingredients and Beers all linked to a common beer ID. Then it allowed me to utilize the new charts without duplicating any of the measures.

Within Tableau, I then took the data and started exploring what it would tell me. I looked at a few different things such as Alcohol by volume (ABV) which is the number of millilitres of ethanol per 100 millilitres (or 3.4 fl.oz.) in a solution and European Brewing Convention (EBC) colour scale which is developed by the Institute of Brewing and the European Brewing Convention is a recognised method for colour grading of beers, malts and caramel solutions as well as similarly coloured liquids. Both of these provided me with an interesting backdrop to the data to start exploring.

This particular day’s challenge was a lot of work with Alteryx in order to produce useable data. Then exploring such a niche topic made me think outside the box in how I looked at it. If you want to explore the dashboard you can find it here!

Stephen Hughes
Author: Stephen Hughes