Today is our second day and we received a dataset related to Star Wars. Our Challenge is designing a dashboard and telling a story about characters or film etc. I have to admit, I’m not familiar with Star Wars and I know very little about the characters in Star Wars.

Data Preparation

One of our challenges is to get data through an API. As it has six different categories to download, we have collected data as a group and shared the collected data within the group. API data can be downloaded from Star Wars API. Data wasn’t in a format that can be analyzed easily

Workflow for data preparation as below,


Once Preparation is ready, I brought the data into Tableau and used the relationship to connect data.


After spending some time finding data, I started working on my Dashboard. My main goal is to present the details of the characters with a selection so that anyone interested can view the information very quickly.

You can find my Dashboard in Tableau Public- Star Wars Characters  Hope you enjoy my Viz.