Today our Challenge is designing a dashboard and tell a story about Australian Taxation Data.

Data Preparation

Today data set can be downloaded from Data set has many categories such as Individual Index, Company Index, Superannuation etc.  Even though it is tempting to look many of data I decided to stick with Individual tax data. I decided to use table 6 and 7 as I can do some spatial analysis. Data was in a good format that only needed little cleaning and some filtering. I decided to analyze Victorian tax data.  I have added a postal code with suburbs names dataset as supplementary data.

Workflow for original data is as shown below,

Once Preparation is ready, I brought the data in to Tableau and used relationship to connect data.


After Spending some time on finding data, I started working on my Dashboard. My main goal is to identify the wealthiest postal areas and analysis donation amount to locate areas to conduct a charity campaign.

The most of the wealthiest postal areas are located near Melbourne CBD and Toorak has the highest median tax paid amount and most donated.

You can find my Dashboard in Tableau Public – Wealthy Victorians and Donations. Hope you enjoy my Viz.