Finally, we reached our last day of the dashboard week. Today our challenge is to design a dashboard and tell a story about the Prosperity index.  This can be used as a guideline to improve the prosperity of a country. The country I selected is Sri Lanka.

Data Preparation

David was very kind and prepared data for us. All I had to do was to load data into Tableau as separate data sources. The data set consists of four different sectors. Prosperity Index, Pillars, Elements, and Indicators. I have only used the first three sets of data to Analysis and see any interesting insights I can derive to understand the prosperity of Sri Lanka.


As the dataset was already prepared, I started working on my Dashboard. My main goal was to identify the main pillars that can help to improve the prosperity index of Sri Lanka and see what can be improved.

Some of my Findings are,

Overall World Rank of Prosperity Index has Increased (by 5 Ranks) over the last 25 Years. However, It is still ranking below 50% of all countries. The total score has increased from 52.75 to 56.51

Economic Quality, Safety, and Security pillars can be identified as the worst-performing pillars. Education, Health, Social Capital, and Enterprise Conditions pillars are performing well above average rank. Overall, the rank of those pillars trends in a positive direction.

Living conditions and Investment Environment are in a negative direction.

Restrictions on International Investment have decreased by 52 ranks. Contract Enforcement has decreased by 20 ranks as same as Property Rights.

You can find my Dashboard in Tableau Public Prosperity Analysis. Hope you will enjoy my Viz.