Sets are a subset of data that can be defined based on a condition. Set Actions can add more interactivity and flexibility to your dashboard or chart.

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to create a drill-down using Set Actions. For this task, I am using the superstore dataset and aim to drill down from Category to Sub-Category.

Step 1: Create Set – Right click on Category dimension -> Create – > Set (as shown below) and name as Category Set.


Step 2: Give a name to the created set and select any category from the list. This selection will be updated later so you can select any category in the list. (as shown below)

Step 3: Create a calculated field (This will bring sub-category items based on the selected category)

Step 4:  Create the Worksheet by Dragging category, Sub-Category Drill, and sales to columns and rows respectively. (as shown below)

I added a category to color, the sum of sales to label, and removed gridlines for better visibility

Step 5: Create Set Action – Go to Worksheet Menu -> Actions – > Click Add Action -> Select Change Set Values (as shown below).

Step 6: Give a name to the Action and select any preferred method for Run action on ( I selected the Select option). Select the Target set as the Category set. I selected Assign values to set when running the action and selected remove all values when clearing the selection. (as shown below)

Finally, you can have a simple drill down using Set Actions which will save space in your dashboard.

I hope this blog helped you to build your drill down using set actions.