I am happy, that I passed my Alteryx Core Certification just two weeks since I started learning Alteryx. I would like to share my experience and some tips about the Exam which helped me pass the certification exam. This is the first exam out of three Alteryx certifications. The Alteryx Certification Program provides more information about all exams. Alteryx Core Designer exam is a free, online, and open book, however, if you are not well prepared it will be challenging.

Exam Format

Questions: 80 (73 multiple choice questions, 7 practical application questions)
Passing score: 80%
Time: 2 hours
Attempts: every 7 days

Alteryx Designer Core Certification Exam Prep Guide provides detailed information about the exam, tools, and preparation.

Preparation for the Exam

  • Read and complete all Interactive lessons and quizzes. This will give you in-depth knowledge about tools and it will put you to the test just after your learning. These questions will give you some understanding of what the exam questions are like.
  • Try out Weekly Challenges. They are not easy. However, you can check solutions if you are unable to solve it. If you are not sure to select challenges, then see the Exam Prep Guide. It has 17 selected challenges for you. This will help in many ways to pass the exam.
  • Try out a practice exam (This has 15 questions).
  • Tool Mastery Index is a great resource to lean as well.

During the Exam

  • Speed and timing are extremely important during the exam. Practical questions are worth 3 marks each. These questions will decide whether you will pass or fail. So, keep in mind to give extra time for these questions. If you are unsure about any answers and if it takes longer to find the answer, you can flag and revisit at the end of the exam.
  • Leave open some Alteryx help documentation, especially for data types and Date/Time Functions.
  • If you are unsure about any answer, try to create a small workflow and run. The text input tool will be very helpful for this purpose.
  • Things to be opened in the Window
    • Google
    • Alteryx
    • Download folder
    • A separate monitor is attached to your computer for opening extra windows. So, you can view the exam and other windows same time.

    I hope my experience and tips may help you to pass the Alteryx Core Certification. Good luck with your exam!!!