This is a very useful feature that allows users to select multiple chart types without cluttering the dashboard.

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to switch between multiple charts using parameters. For this task, I am using the Superstore dataset.

Step 1: Create three different charts. (Scatter Plot, Line, and Bar)

Chart 1: Drag and Drop Sales to columns and Profit to rows.  Drag the Sub-Category dimension to Detail.

Chart 2: Drag and Drop Sales to rows and Order date (Month) to columns.

Chart 3: Drag and Drop Sales to rows and Sub-category to columns.

Step 2: Create Parameter – Select data type as String and Allowable values as List. After that, enter a list of chart types to switch. Then Click OK.

Step 3: Right-click on created parameter and select the show parameter.

Step 4: Create a calculated field and name it as Chart-Type. Then, Drag and drop the parameter into the calculated field.

Step 5:  Drag and Drop the created Chart-Type calculated field into the filter and select Bar chart. (Current worksheets contain a bar chart and parameter selected as a bar chart)

Most importantly, repeat Step 5 for Scatter Plot and Line Chart.

Step 6:  Drag a vertical container into the dashboard and add a title to the Dashboard. Then drag another horizontal container and drag all three worksheets accordingly. Hide the title and make the parameter float.

Now you have a dashboard with three different charts. Whenever you change the parameter control, you can see the selected chart.