I come from a  Computer Science and Mathematics background and my interest in numbers and data drove me into the Data Analytics field. Recently, I completed a Data Science short course and started looking for an opportunity to get into Data Analytics. Then I came across the Data School and I got amazed by the details. The unique application process impressed me as I’m a beginner in Data Analytics, and I felt that this is the best place to start my Data Analytics career. I started looking into more detail about Data School and the application process and also read blogs to get a better understanding of Data School and the application process.

In the first part of the application, I had to create a tableau viz based on my chosen topic.

How did I learn Tableau?

I started learning Tableau through online courses by Udemy, which gave me the confidence to create a couple of dashboards as a beginner. Apart from that, I also used Tableau Starter Kit and Makeover Monday videos as additional learning material. If you are struggling to find the chart type you can look into coach Andy Kriebel’s Visual Vocabulary.

How did I get through the first part of the Application Process?

After having some understanding and practice of Tableau, I found a dataset that interests me to work. As I always had some interest in Earth Science-related topics, I decided to create a viz for earthquake data. (Find the Dataset that you have an interest in, so you can enjoy it during your viz making)

I was able to finish my viz a bit early and submitted the viz.DS coaches provided me with detailed feedback on how to enhance my viz and I resent the revised version within a few days. After sending the revised version of my viz, I received an email for the second stage of the application process, which was to face a video interview with one of the coaches. To prepare for this interview, I read this blog from Summer Dong (previous Data School consultant) to understand how to present a dashboard to an audience. (Prepare well for the presentation and rehearse as much as you can, it will help you in the interview).

How did I get through from the final Application Process?

After a day I received an email informing me I got selected for a final interview and later I received the dataset for the final interview viz. I had almost three weeks, I planned how will I work by dividing time with data preparation, creating viz and extra time for feedback, and prepare for the presentation.

The dataset was large and had many columns. Initially, I could not work out where, to begin with. So, I decided the read through the documentation and write some notes. Then I thought about a story I can find within the dataset. Based on my story, I made a rough sketch of the dashboard. Once I finalized the viz, I sent it to get feedback. (Request for feedback, you will receive very constructive feedback on your viz to enhance, DS team is very friendly and helpful. Make sure to have enough time to revise your viz as per feedback).

I kept aside two days to rehearse the presentation. I was a bit nervous, but I made sure to present as best I could and faced both interviews. Both interviews went well, and I felt happy about what I achieved in a short period. The day after the interview, Data School informed me of the happy news that I got selected.

I am very happy to join Data School. I hope my experience may encourage and help you to get into Data School. Good Luck with your Journey.