Today is the day 1 of the dashboard week. We were told in the morning that we were to get the most difficult data of the week. The data we got was the American Housing Survey 2019.

It was challenging to get deep understanding of an extensive data set like this and build a viz within a few hours. I took the coach’s advise to find a small angle of the data to tell a story. I’m quite interested in the demographic data, so I decided to look into how Asian household compare to the total household in the US.

  • Wrangle the Data

The Alteryx workflow was relatively straightforward. I needed to join the survey headers with labels, and parse them into rows. The main blockage was that there were categorical and numerical responses. They had to be parsed differently and union back together.

  • Build the Viz

I used bar charts to present the categorical data. With blended axes for two measures into a single axis, I can compare the Asian households to total in the same view. Dual axis were also used in each bar chart to put labels inside of the bars with gantt bar to make the chart more aesthetically pleasing.

  • ┬áStory Points

There are some interesting findings in the viz. Asian households in the US are mainly married-couples. Compared to all households, the householders are more likely to be males. The householders are generally much younger and are more likely to have high income over $200k per year.

The finished Viz can be find here!

Summer Dong
Author: Summer Dong