Today is the day 1 of the dashboard week. We were let off easy with a very clean and straightforward data set – 120 years of Olympic history: athletes and results. It is the same data DSAU8 had for their final stage of application, so the challenge here is to not take the storyline that everyone already had.

I’m personally quite into water sports, and swimming is probably the Olympic sport I watch most closely. I quickly made the decision to look into that angle. Here is the final dashboard.

  • The dashboard

I spent quite of lot of time on LOD calculations. Used a few fixed and excluded to get the % value correct. Used a lookup calculation to highlight the country selected in the scatterplot.

I spent time look for supplement data, and found great data on FINA for water sports records and ranking. However, I ended up not using them at all after exploring the data in Tableau, as they are not connected to the story I decided to tell.

  • Takeaway

I ended up working pretty late today as I did not timeboxing well for formatting. There were many charts created throughout the day, but I used only three of them on the final dashboard. It was hard decision to just give up on the view I spent time making. It is the life of analysts, and we need to ensure only present the absolute necessary part, and nothing more.


Summer Dong
Author: Summer Dong