In the blink of an eye, it’s already day 3 of the dashboard week.

Topic today is to run an API on Giant Bomb for some gaming data. The gamers in my cohort got really excited before we got block by the site as we were using different key for the same IP address. Everyone was hammering the site so hard, and didn’t take long at all before we all lost access. For the rest of the day we all had to use our own internet or VPN to run the queries.

API Queries

It is quite easy to work with this API apart from being blocked. However, there are a lot of missing fields in the data, and it makes it hard to build a dashboard with what is there. Today is definitely the day all of us struggled most. Most folks were still working in Alteryx by 2pm. According to our timebox, everyone was suppose to move into Tableau by midday.

Build the Viz

I did not end up with the most comprehensive dashboard today, but I was happy that I timeboxed it and got it done by 5pm. I wrote a blog on sheet swapping using a parameter a few weeks ago. Today I first time tried to do a sheet collapsing with button. My colleague Jason Hu will soon have a blog on it, so please stay tuned if you are interested!

There are two more days to go to finish dashboard week. It is definitely very tiring, but timeboxing everything makes it manageable.



Summer Dong
Author: Summer Dong