It is day 4 of the dashboard week. Dave decided to let us off easy after yesterday’s trauma with the API. We got a perfectly organized data set – the Victoria Crash Stats. The idea was to not to do much data wrangling and take the data into Tableau to build a Viz straight away. It is more like a Makeover Monday activity as there are already some existing viz on the data.

The Data

The data contains all the crash reports in Victoria between 2006 and 2020. There are detailed information about the accident, the vehicle, the people, and the condition. It gives us quite a lot of flexibility to find an angle we are interested in. There’s something I have been wondering for a long time, which is the safest and most dangerous seat in a car. I’m sure we have all heard different things, but I have never seen any actual stats on it. Pretty easy decision, and I going to find it out.

My Main Goal of the Day

Dashboard week is considered the most challenging week of the data school training. People tend to burnout towards the end of the week. I’m trying my best to still have balance between Vizzing and a personal life. (or maybe just stay healthy?) I timeboxed yesterday to finish my dashboard by 5pm, so I can go home enjoy dinner, and have a good sleep after finishing my blog. Today I decided to take a step further to finish the blog by 5pm. It’s 4:30pm now while I’m typing, so yes, I made it!

The Dashboard

Dave strongly suggest us to plan exactly what we want to show on the dashboard before we start building charts. I did that today and it really helped to save my time as I don’t need to build charts and end up ditching them. I decided on the top to see what helps to stay away from the accidents. There are three main things I looked into.

  1. When do most accident happen?
  2. What’s the most dangerous seat?
  3. How much does a seatbelt help?

The Findings

  1. Most accidents happen on Thursday between 16:00 and 18:00. On the weekdays, accidents happen during rush hours – 08:00 to 10:00, and 16:00 to 18:00. On the weekends, most accidents happen just after midday between 12:00 and 14:00.
  2. Seating on someone’s motorbike is dangerous. If there is an accident, the fatality rate for the pillion passenger is 1.5%, and the injury rate is 84.5%!The safest seat is the center-rear, with the lowest fatality rate of 0.4%.
  3. Having seat belt or helmet on reduces fatality rate by 3.25%,and injury rate by 15.88%.

It’s Friday tomorrow, and we are almost there!



Summer Dong
Author: Summer Dong