This blog will demonstrate how to use a parameter to hide/show different views on a dashboard, which is often referred to as sheet swap.

Follow the six steps below and you will be surprised how simple it is to do the magic!

In my example, I have created a map and a line chart using the Superstore sample data.

Step by step guide:

  1. Create a Parameter

Once you have two or more worksheets, create a parameter listing all of them. In my case, it is “Map” and “Line chart” (you can name them however you want).

  1. Create a Calculated Field

Simply insert the parameter you have just created as the calculation

  1. Show Parameter

Go to the first worksheet, right click the parameter to Show Parameter, and make sure the corresponding chart name is selected.

  1. Drop the Calculated Field into the Filters Shelf

Check the chart tick-box. Then repeat step 3 & 4 on every worksheet.

  1. Put the worksheets in the same container and hide sheet titles

Create a dashboard and drag in a container. Put all worksheets in the same container, and right click the sheet titles to hide them.

Now your worksheets are all ready for swapping!

   6. Troubleshoot – enable automatic sizing

If your sheet swapping is not working, go to each sheets’ drop down menu and make sure they are all set to fit entire view.

I hope your sheet swapping is now ready to go!

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Summer Dong
Author: Summer Dong