Hello, I’m back with Dashboard week – Day 3 Challenge: Victoria Census Data


So, we were not allowed to use Alteryx for this project. We could use Tableau Prep instead, which was good for practicing Tableau Prep. It is also a nice data prepping tool although it is not as powerful as Alteryx in my opinion.


After getting the dataset from our coach, I went on exploring the data as usual. It has clear content and explanation of each tab. There are 9 topics/ angles that I could choose from. I was first drawn into migration, data about persons born oversea, as I can relate to it. Still, I spent some more time exploring the rest of the data set out of curiosity and I did not want to miss any better insight from other angle if there was one.

I ended up getting lost in the data set, hoping I could see a good story. However, it was hard to see any pattern or outlier by reading numbers in Excel. I wanted to visualize them all, but recalled I was warned from my coach not to visualize all the data and be specific about the topic. The clock kept ticking, I had to decide. I settled with my first point of interest in the data set – immigrants!


The data is at a high level, so it is not much to clean. I performed couple steps in Tableau Prep to spit out the information I need.

  • Clean and Spit

  • Pivot the years into tall data format


I started to build all the charts I could to see what story the data brings me. Well, it did not go so well.

Limitations of the main data set:
  • The data is at a high level, there is not much to break down.
  • No linking that I can find to perform spatial analysis
  • There are only 2 points of time: 2016 & 2021.
  • Some interesting angles like level of highest education, occupations, labour force status, have only data for 2016.

My visualization mostly was comparing the 2 years to see the change in different areas.

After having my charts, I went on to look for more detailed census data for immigrants for 2021 as I am interested in that year after my findings, but no luck.

Below is my finished dashboard.

My Reflection on this project:

I think I did not do so well with this project in delivering an interesting story.

In terms of data visualization, I am a bit happier as it was a good chance for me to find different ways to visualize data, rather than using bars for every chart.

Lesson learnt:

When given a data at high level, try to get a more granular data as soon as possible to analyze. It was too late for me for this project after visualizing data from the main data set, so I just went with what I got.

Yes, that’s it for day 3, scored a new lesson.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.


Thao Phuong Tran
Author: Thao Phuong Tran

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