Alex Simpson

After graduating with a Masters in Chemistry from Cardiff University, Alex worked as a Product Developer in the consumer goods sector, utilising data to generate insights and drive product design and validation decisions. Upon relocating to Sydney in September 2018, Alex was captivated by the refreshing application process for the Data School and the power of Tableau. To Alex, the Data School is an opportunity to unlock the capabilities of Tableau and Alteryx and develop his consultancy skills. 

Dashboard Week Day 5: Tableau 8.2 and Journalist Deaths

On the final day of dashboard week, we were tasked with using Tableau version 8.2 to visualise data relating to global journalist deaths, provided by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Tableau 8.2 was originally released in June 2014 but feels more like it belongs to the Windows ‘98 era. This version of Tableau does not include now-standard features such as the ability to compute level-of-detail calculations, set or parameter actions, and viz-in-tooltip. Initially, I felt like I was learning to use a completely new product before I quickly became accustomed to the older user interface and features.

Dashboard Week Day 3: Cricket World Cup

Today on Dashboard week, we have been analysing ICC cricket world cup data. As an Englishman who has relocated to Australia, and with the semi final between my home and newly adopted nation looming, I decided to compare each nations team and individual player stats, to try and determine who has the best chance of winning.

Dashboard Week Day 2: Power BI Day

On Day 2 of dashboard week, our resident Power BI expert Madeli set us a challenge of using Power BI to visualise global plastic production and pollution data. In Power BI we had to harness multiple data sources and complete several tasks including: Merge Joins and...