David Ruhnau

Studying at the University of Technology Sydney exposed David to Data Analysis. Through one particular course, he managed to make a theory about some lost metadata and has been entranced by the power of Data Analysis ever since. Having some past Tableau experience as part of an internship, David saw the Data School as a way to refine his knowledge of the product into a suite of skills built on it. David enjoys both videogames and Tabletop RPGs in his spare time, which his long train trips to and from the Data School give him plenty of.

Dashboard Week, Day 2: I have the POWER BI!

Day 2 was... an interesting one, in a lot of ways. The main challenge was using a tool similar to tableau, called Power BI, to create meaningful visualizations. I wanted to use this chance to talk about some of the pros and cons with Power BI, specifically from a...

Dashboard Week, Day 1: Premises and Parameters

This week is Dashboard Week - every day, we gotta make a dash. For Monday, we were given property data... and I decided to make something simple, but flexible. My first Dashboard is a comparative analysis of the six main states and territories in Domain's data -...

So what IS Alteryx, anyway?

Coming into the Data School, I already knew the basics of Tableau. It's a graphing tool designed around accessibility and modularity. Pretty easy to understand. Alteryx, however, was a different beast. I didn't have a clue what Alteryx was until I started looking at...

5 Tips for applying to the Data School

Hey everyone! I’m one of the new Data School Australia’s 3rd cohort. My name’s David, and honestly, I am so glad I got into the Data School. Everything I’m seeing tells me that this is going to be a golden opportunity, and if you’re looking at this, chances are you’re thinking the same.