Joshua Verbeek

Josh completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2021, with a focus on research. He discovered a great passion for analytics through the degree, using such tools as SPSS and Stata in research and data management internships. Following graduation, he joined a Market Research graduate program working in data engineering.

His decision to join the Data School resulted from a desire to perform analyses, gain insights and communicate results in a visually engaging way.

Having previously studied and worked within Graphic Design, Josh is particularly interested in the way data is visualised and presented.
Outside of work, Josh enjoys cooking, going to local markets, experiencing live music and playing musical instruments. If he could only choose one dish for the rest of his life, he would choose pizza!

Creating spatial fields in Alteryx

Creating spatial fields in Alteryx

Alteryx's Spatial Palette contains many tools to help build upon existing spatial fields in a dataset. I'll be running through how to create spatial fields in Alteryx such as points, lines, shapes and grids.          Create Point   The first and most basic...