Nicholas Hills

After studying environmental science in the US with a soccer scholarship, Nicholas travelled around the world for around 3 years, out of which he spent 2 years in Colombia. After coming back from the great adventure, Nicholas worked for EY in marketing research where he came across Tableau and grew interested in data analytics. He is passionate about products like Tableau and Alteryx that enable every-day people to explore data and discover insights which are otherwise hard to identify.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, photography. While forever passionately exploring new hobbies, Nick recently falls in love with rock climbing.

Beta Buffering in Tableau 2020.1

Watch this Spatial! Tableau is constantly adding new features with every update. As a beta member, was able to play around with the new buffer calculation in the 2020.1 release. In the Data School we have learnt how to use spatial tools in Alteryx to create trade...

5 Must-Read Books for Data Analytics

Are you interested in delving into a career in data analytics but don't know where to start? That is a question I had prior to joining 'The Data School Down Under'. I was hearing all the noise created by the world of big data. I wanted to develop an understanding of...