Oliver Inthavong

Oliver graduated from USYD with a Bachelor of Science (majored in Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and Statistics) and has 7 years in teaching experience. During his time studying and tutoring, he discovered his passion for data analytics while exploring the world of finance and investing.

Over the years, he researched how innovative companies have leveraged their data by building valuable products, services, and technology. He soon realised he wanted to be part of a company that helped others make smarter decisions and really understand their data. That’s when he recognised he would be the perfect fit for The Data School!

In his free time, he enjoys watching anime, sports (particularly NRL and NBA), lifting weights, and talking about anything investing related.

The Data School Hash Brown Challenge

The Data School Hash Brown Challenge

The Challenge Data is the foundation of everything at MIP & The Data School Down Under. As we've learned 3 months ago, this extends not only to business decisions and insights, but also to daring, food-eating claims. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now my honour to...