Ricardo Santos

Ricardo studied Civil Engineering in his hometown of Lisbon, Portugal mostly because of his passion for urban planning and transportation systems. During the course, he first came in contact with some basic data analysis techniques and that’s when he first realised the power of data. After moving to Sydney in October 2018, he eventually found out about Tableau and The Data School when looking for new job opportunities. In his spare, time Ricardo is likely to be found reading or exploring Sydney’s amazing coastal walks.

My trips in Sydney – Part 1

In this blog post, I'll be taking you through the steps that I took to parse data from a series of PDF files containing records from my public transport trips in Sydney. A second post that I will publish next week will be showing a Tableau visualisation of that data...

Tableau tips and tricks

It has now been four months since I first learned that there was a data visualisation tool called Tableau. Like a kid who has just been given the newest gadget on the market, I started exploring what I could do with it and immediately it blew my mind away. 'Just drag...

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

We're still only two weeks in, but for me, one of the best things about The Data School is that it focuses on soft skills as well as hard skills. I believe that this is the right way to prepare us for the task ahead - we'll never be good consultants if we're not able...

Getting into The Data School Down Under

Ever since updating my LinkedIn professional experience with the Data School gig earlier this week I started receiving messages from people in my network asking all kinds of things. Some wanted to know how I got in and what they could do to have a successful application while others were curious about what it’s like once you’re in.
So this as a personal account on my path towards Tableau, finding out about Data School, my experience through the application process, and some final thoughts on this first week.