Rodrigo Diaz

Rodrigo is from Mexico and has enthusiastic passion for continually learning and growing throughout his career. He has completed a bachelors degree in law, a masters in business management and an advanced diploma in civil construction design. Rodrigo's exertise lies in starting and building businesses, designing products and bringing innovative ideas to life.

He has had the chance to work in several exciting fields including agriculture, information technology and the public sector. These experiences have educated him in the many aspects of operating and improving businesses.

Rodrigo is an avid golfer and uses it to relax and clear his mind. As a father, Rodrigo enjoys spending quality time with his family and sharing his joy with his daughter.

California Governor Campaign Finance

California Governor Campaign Finance

Welcome to day 3 of Dashboard week. Today, I bring a story for my fellow Californians and those fascinated by the mechanics of political campaigns. As we reflect on the 2018 gubernatorial race it is crucial to delve into the economic currents that have shaped...