Having just passed the Alteryx Core Exam here are some useful tips that helped me get over the line:

Check out the practice exam and exam guide by Alteryx:

Know the Format

  • 2.5 hours to answer 80 questions which are a mix of multi choice, matching, multi response and practical application.

Know which Tools

  • These are the tools you’ll be tested on, go through the open example for any you’re unsure of and leave these workflow tabs open so you can refer to them during the exam.
  • For any tools you’re less confident on conduct a few alteryx challenges on that topic to strengthen your knowledge

Multi Screens

If you have the luxury of using multiple screens, make the most of it. Set up Alteryx on one screen, have the exam open on another, and keep a web browser handy for those smaller questions that don’t require a brand-new workflow. Having everything at your fingertips will save you time and help you stay focused.

Use text input

A great way to test your answers if you’re not 100% is to test them out in a new workflow using the text input tool. Simply recreate the data from the question in the text input tool and then use whatever tools are the focus of the question check the output matches any of those in the answers. You do need to be somewhat speedy here, so try to eliminate a couple of the answers so you can save some time.

Also I only realized this a bit too late to do it myself, but don’t delete the text inputs or workflows as the same data is used quite a few times in different questions. Use comments, annotation, naming workflows or some other identifier for that particular text input so you can easily use it again instead of re-creating it from scratch each time.

Hopefully these tips can be of use to you and good luck with the exam!

Tim Fawcett
Author: Tim Fawcett