Dashboard Day 3

For the 3rd day of Dashboard Week we were tasked with accessing a large horse racing database on Kaggle.

It contained historical horse racing stats since 1990 across hundreds of professional events throughout the world.

I decided to look at a few of the famous races that I’d heard about, The Melbourne Cup, The Kentucky Derby and the Grand National.

Here’s how I approached the challenge.


The first step was to use a wildcard to input all the data to Alteryx. There was about 60 files all up, with a CSV for each for horses and races for every year since 1990.

I then did some cleaning of the data and filtered out all the events except for the 3 I was interested in to make the processing in Tableau a lot quicker by reducing the majority of rows in the data. Then I joined the race data with the horse data so I’d only be using the horses who raced in my chosen events.

Here’s an overview of the workflow.


After working on the data it was time to build the dashboard.

I wanted to try a longer vertical dashboard this time, those more common on Tableau Public instead of a more compact and efficient business type dashboard.

I ran into a few issues with calculations and parameters but eventually produced the following dashboard.


Tim Fawcett
Author: Tim Fawcett