The first challenge for Dashboard week day 1 was to access an API for an Cooper Hewitt Museum in the USA (API | Collection of Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum) and then find some interesting data/insights to be presented in a tableau dashboard.

I decided to utilize the video method which housed the following data on their published videos:

This was the first step in Alteryx to access the API and clean the data.

As there wasn’t much in the way of interesting data, especially metrics I decided to supplement the API info with some youtube stats.

I therefore connected the a Youtube API via Rapid API. This required two separate steps as the stats were housed in different endpoints in the rapid API (video details and video comments).

Here’s the Alteryx workflow which contains the musuem API plus the two API calls to the Youtube API.

Next step was to bring this data into Tableau to visualize.

I decided the mimic the theme from the museum’s website which is quite striking and appealing, and I incorporated the building itself which is stunning too.

Here’s the final dashboard:


Tim Fawcett
Author: Tim Fawcett