Pareto chart has been frequently used to find the most significant cause of a problem or achievement in business.

This article will demonstrate how to create pareto chart in Tableau.

The follow dataset- EU-Superstore will be used to create a pareto chart which can show a certain percentage of sales is contributed by what percentage of customers.

Step1 Drag the customer name dimension to the detail and right click customer name dimension to the column shelf, then choose CNTD as measure.

Step2 Also drag the sales measure to the row shelf and set table calculation to them as is shown in the following picture.

Step3 Create two parameters and two reference lines based on the value of them.

Step4 Create two worksheet actions which will enable the change of the parameters by clicking the point on the line.

Step5  Drag the measure sales to the row column shelf and right click it. Then select dual axis and change the mark type to area.

At last, you will see the Pareto chart is created. Click the line will show the change in the relationship between the two percentages.

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Tony Tan
Author: Tony Tan