From the last blog, we learned how to create the basic spatial calculation and create multi-layer map visualisation. This blog will show how to add buffer to the original airport and highlight the route within the buffer.

Step1: Create the parameter to control the radius of the buffer.

Step2: Create the buffer calculation based on the original airport point field.

Step3: Drag the buffer to the canvas to create another map layer and adjust the parameter size to make the buffer include some of the flight routes. Also, change the colour of the buffer colour and transparency to make the internal routes visible.

Step4: Create the highlight calculation.

Step5: In the route line map layer, drag the highlight calculation to the colour mark and you will see the routes are differentiated by two colours.

At last, you can also change the true/false colour to highlight the routes inside the buffer based on your preference.

Hope you find this article useful. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, if you have any questions😊😊.

Tony Tan
Author: Tony Tan