It comes to the Day 3 of the Dashboard Week. Today, I created an exploratory dashboard that enables users to pick up their favorite Brewdog Beer.

At the very top of the dashboard, you will see four metrics that show the average value of different Brewdog beers like ABV and IBU.

The bar chart below shows the number of beers that change over the year. This indicated how did Brewdog grow up and become the Beer giant today.

Next comes to the two pie charts. They show the Top N common hop/malt ingredients used to make beers. Users can change the parameter to bring in more ingredients for comparison.

The last scatter plot is used to help the user pick up their favorite beers. To pick up the beer, the first step is to select the two measures from the drop-down filter that you want to take into consideration. Then pick any of the Beer icons in the chart based on the value of the two measures. You will find the name and the tagline of the beer you picked shown at the top right corner of the chart and the image of the beer shown in the dark area.

Also, you can click the ingredient from the pie chart to narrow down your choices in the scatter plot.

Tony Tan
Author: Tony Tan