In Day 4 Dashboard Week, we were given a dataset of endangered animal. I created a dashboard called global trade of endangered animal. To build this dashboard, I integrated the data from which contains the global trade of endangered animal.

At the top of the dashboard, you can see four metrics that show some basic information of the global trading of endangered animals such as the number of countries importing and exporting endangered animal products, the total global trades and the number of species being traded.

The line chart below shows the number of trade change over year and the pie chart right shows the total number species in the read list and the distribution of different status. You can click the point on the line chart or the status on the pie chart to filter the whole dashboard.

The map below the line chart shows the trading status from the exporting country to importing country. The thinness of the line indication the number of the trade.

You can switch the filter on the right to pick the country you want to look at or you can choose to focus on importing or exporting countries.

The three bar charts at the bottom shows the number of trades between different classes, different orders and different purpose. You can click any bar to filter the whole dashboard based on the segment of that bar.

You can also click the line to filter the bottom three charts to see the details of the trades happened between two countries.

Click the Link to access this dashboard!

Tony Tan
Author: Tony Tan