Bookmark is an embedded function in Power bi. It could help us achieve better visualisation practice by combining with Button function. This article will introduce one of the applications of bookmark in Power bi. Help information page is to help users to better understand and use the dashboard. In this blog, three visualisations are created based on the dataset( to show how we can use bookmark add a help information page.

Step1: Go to View tab and open selection and bookmark window.

Step2: Insert a blank button and adjust it to cover the whole canvas. Then change the colour of the button to grey and set the transparency to 50%.
Step3: Add any number of text boxes that we want to show in the information page.

Step4: Group the text box and the button. Then rename it as info page.

Step5: Hide the Info page group and select all the visuals in the selection pane. Then add a bookmark. Make sure all visuals box is ticked.  At last, rename the bookmark as Main page.

Step6: Unhide the info page group in the selection pane and select the info page group. Then create a new bookmark called info page.

Step7: Insert an information button, enable the action configuration window and set the action as bookmark. After that, select info page in the bookmark drop down list.

Step8: Click the info page bookmark in the bookmark panel. Because the grey background itself is a button, we can set an action for this button. So, click the grey area and set the action type as bookmark. Then choose the main as the bookmark for this button.
Step9: You can test the function by holding CTRL and the info icon in the dashboard.

Follow the same steps, you can add more info content.

Hope you find this article useful. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, if you have any questions😊😊.

Tony Tan
Author: Tony Tan