Enabling the chart type switch function in Tableau can increase the usefulness of visualization and make the dashboard more exploratory.

There are two ways to implement this feature. The first method is Show/Hidden function which is an embedded function in the Tableau dashboard object.

In this article, I will demonstrate how to implement the chart switch function by using the Show/Hidden feature with the two charts shown below.

The first chart is a map that shows the geological distribution of all the stations and highlights the top six popular stations in green.

The second chart is a bar chart that shows the top six station names and its corresponding number of visitors.

Step 1: Drag the map to the Dashboard which will be shown in the Dashboard by default and set it to floating.

Step2: Select the Show/Hide Button in the drop-down list.

Step3: Then you need to configure the Show/Hide button setting page based on your preference.

In the item Shown page, you can set the image or text button which will enable the user to click to go to the view of the Bar chart.

In the item Hidden page, you can set the image or text button which will enable the user to click to get back to the view of the Map chart.

Step4: Then drag the bar chart to the dashboard with floating mode and adjust the shape of the bar chart to exactly cover the map.

Step5: In the floating order section from the drop-down list, click “sent to back”.  You will then see the map pops up.
Step6: In the editing mode of the dashboard, you need to press “ALT” and click the Shown/Hidden button to test if you can switch between the two charts.


Congratulations! If you follow all the steps, the switch button should work well. There is, however, a significant limitation on this method. It is not able to switch between more than two charts by using this function. In the next part of the article, I will introduce how to create multiple charts switch buttons by using parameters.

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Tony Tan
Author: Tony Tan